It is a centrally located Power Vacuum Source that is connected by a Network of pipes to inlets strategically and conveniently located throughout the production area serving the Vacuum needs of the machines or utilities.

The Central Unit generates a vacuum which may be use to pick and place an item by robot or production machinery; pick up an item such as wafer for inspection; hold down a disk drive for assembly work; transfer of an item; transfer of an item from one area to another; etc.

In general, it’s a Central Vacuum system that provides Vacuum needs during a working process of an automated system or production line.

The power of adopting System approach?

This approach provides an array of more options for optimizing resources in any life cycle cost consideration, providing an opportunity to optimize either initial cost or running cost. It delivers a system with components that work in harmony with each other and provides the optimum conditions for other parts in the system to perform.