System Starting

System starting could be accomplished in many ways, depending on the preferences of the user.
Some possible ways are:-

Always On - One machine is left operating all the time, an additional will come in when the load increases.

Pre-Determined Period - The machine can be programmed to start during a specific time of the day or different time on a different day. It can also be programmed to start only during specific period of the year too.

Remote starting - The system can be started remotely via the plant facility management system or from the mobile phone of an authorized person.

Start-On-Demand - The system can also be designed to start via the action of the cleaner such as the insertion of the cleaning hose into the vacuum inlet valve, or opening of the valve or at the flip of a switch located at the handle of the cleaning hoses. Alternatively, a small vacuum producer can be operated to maintain a negative pressure in the system, which will trigger the main vacuum producer when vacuum drop to a pre-determined level.