What functions can a PV System Perform?

General Cleaning

An important use of PV Industrial House Keeping vacuum system is general cleaning. Workers use lightweight, easily manoeuvered cleaning tools, designed for specific tasks. Vacuum inlet valves are placed strategically throughout the building to enable quick and efficient cleaning

Liquid Pickup & Transport

All types of liquid can be transported by PV Industrial House Keeping Vacuum Systems. Liquid waste are moved from one stage of processing to another. Liquid waste can be evacuated to disposal tanks, sewers, etc. Difficult to handle liquid waste such as acids and corrosives, as well as liquid at extremely high or low temperatures can also be moved with PV system.

Material Transport - Product Recovery

Recovery of processing materials often requires transport from one plant area to another or even one plant in a complex to another. Surface transport is typically costly and slow. A PV Industrial House Keeping Vacuum System, by comparison, is an economical and fast solution.