Providing the ultimate True-to-life Cleaning Experience

Things are not always what they seem to be. Take the portable vacuum cleaner for instance. The main design criterion of it is “Portable”, not “Cleaning”. Why?
Because, without portability, it cannot fulfill its function to clean.

All the conventions has told us that it is impossible to have both; Portability and Effective Cleaning. Portability means less effective vacuum cleaning. Portable vacuum exhauster is small, it will not have enough suction power. Portable filter has small areas for trapping dirt, it will not trap all dirt pick-ups. It is that simple!

PV Vacuum has a vision of a completely different concept in house keeping.
An idea beyond the well-known norm, something you will enjoy using, a concept that will add value to your business.

Central House Vacuum system is a system that you can rely on to clean. It is a system that considers not only portability but also effectiveness in cleaning.

While our system may resemble others on the outside, on the inside, they are precise and finely tuned machines, dedicated to the fragile task of providing effective cleaning with ultimate portability at a minimum operating expenses to the owner.