Correct Piping for Static Losses & Electric Static Discharge (ESD) Control

The use of piping materials and correctly designed pipe fittings are the only way towards effective control of ESD & Static Losses. Pipings that are designed for air flow perform better, provide less static losses, assist in the prevention of clogging and are effective in removal of static electric concerns.

The choice of such piping materials available from us includes Galvanized Steel Pipe, Aluminum Pipe, and Stainless Steel & Static Dissipative & Acoustic Treated Cellulose Fiber (CF) Pipe.

Our pipings and fittings will produce at least 10% less static resistance than conventional water fittings which is susceptible to pipe clog situation. This value is also in line with the estimation from ASHRAE & The American Conference of Industrial Hygienists who are experienced with our form of pipe fittings design.