Tune in to Reliability


The clients paid for the tasks to be completed without knowing the effects of completing the task. The fee is computed based on the number of man hours required, rather then the outcome of the work.

At PV, we understand it is not only about what you maintain, but also how the system up-time is ensured. That is why a whole range of options have been developed to ensure that PV RCM Program can always fit into your needs.

Once you get started on the PV RCM Program, you will discover that no detail is too small and nothing will be left to chance. In our continuous quest to enhance System Up-Time & Reliability, RCM Program is integrated into every single aspect of your vacuum / blower plants performance.

PV RCM Program will help to put in place an internal audit system to ensure that the system is provided with the best achievable level of reliability & safety based on your economic or operating constraints.