Tune in to Reliability

Facility Dynamic

During the life of any facilities and its equipment, a continuing design effort is necessary for modifications and alterations as operators and maintenance personnels gain experiences with the facility. Sometimes these changes result from an expanded or modified facility mission. As the facility matures, new methods and tools become available to accomplish the mission and task in a more efficient or cost effective manner.

These needs for changes and modifications are studied by PV. Recommendations are derived based on the latest report of the system status. Performance of the system and its equipment are improved and optimized to meet the modified facility mission without any compromise to overall system reliability. Changes and modification are then documented and appropriate changes to maintenance tasks are incorporated.

The feedback which is integrated into the system yields lower overall failure rates and extended livespan.

It is that simple, when a system operates within its means, it will perform better. These improved characteristics also reduces maintenance costs as well.