Evolving Technology... Enduring Design

The advance of the space age and the micro-electronics industries has popularized the use of vacuum and has led to a greater awareness and acceptance of the uses for vacuum effects in many processes especially in production or research that requires a Clean or Controlled Environment.

Within a life-cycle of any facility or equipment, a continuing design effort is always necessary for modifications as operators and maintenance personnels gain experience with the use of any facility. Sometimes these changes result from an extended or modified facility mission, or when new methods and tools become available to accomplish the mission and task in a more efficient or cost effective manner.

A Single Design Responsibility plays a crucial role in this improvement process for the Process Vacuum System. It allows

  • Capability of an installed facilities to be utilized with confidence
  • Options of upgrading be explored with minimum interruption to end user (production)
  • Informed decision to be arrived at among ideal systems requirement, economic of investment and maintenance needs.

Thus, during the life cycle of any facility, the performance of PV’s Process Vacuum System can be improved and optimized based on the needs of its requirement and usage.

If you want superior reliability, and a full array of functions but without the complication – then talk to us. We are a one-stop source for your process vacuum requirement with the capability to design from facility matrix upwards to final system testing and commissioning.