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Process Contamination caused by dust particles are annoying problem in many situations. Dust particles in the air, on your equipment and on your worker. Dust particles are costing you money, efficiency and the health of your employees.

Even in the Clean Room enviroment, dust particles are impossible to be eliminated completely because dust particles are generated simultaneously in the course of manufacturing. As technology shrink, the critical particle size threshold shrinks too and eliminating them with filters alone is not enough as they are much more susceptible to the attractive power of lower-voltage static. It is that simple, once a surface is charged, it will draw in any particles within its field.

Depending on what these dust particles are made of and where they land, they can either be harmless or lead you to destructive consequences. If a dust particle lands on a wrong place of an exposed wafer surface, a device defect is created.

In a flat panel display manufacturing plant, where each large sheet of glass have four displays, it only takes one tiny particle in the wrong place to create a huge impact, reducing yield by 25%

In a research enviroment, such dust-like particle can contain harmful pathogen. Hazardous dusts such as lead oxide, beryllium or arsenic are not easily expelled from the lungs.

The usual method of elimination is to leave it to the Building or Clean Room Air Conditioning or Ventilation System to manage and trap this dust. These will not be effective as much harm has been done along the way to your production process or employee’s health.

PV Vacuum Contamination Control/ Scavenging Vacuum System gets rid of it where it is being generated at the source. All dust particles are removed even before it becomes a problem. It is that simple and effective!