The Separator

The Separator removes trapped or conveyed contaminated particles or particles from the air stream created by the vacuum exhauster.

We supply ten basic separators, all with tangential intake design for superior separation:

  • Centrifugal Separator,
  • High Efficiency Centrifugal Separator
  • Tubular Bag Separators
  • Storage Compartment Separator
  • Jet Clean Separator
  • Reverse Flush Separator
  • Wet Separator
  • Immersion Separator
  • Portable Wet Pick-up Separator
  • Top hat Separator

Filter elements of our separator is designed to meet PM 10 Standard or PM 2.5 Standard (PM: Particulate Matters) discharge condition which is the norm of most enviromental policy requirement of many countries.

For Life Science Research or Facility that requires function like Trapping of Micro-Particles that are harmful, PV has the solution to provide filter element with an automatic-clean feature, that meets HEPA Standards.